Inhouse Transfer Pricing Services

The significance of inter-company transfer pricing has increased rapidly within the last few years. A very interesting, but also complex and specialised, subject of international tax law which requires extensive technical knowledge and practical experience.

Uwe Kaestner

Uwe Kaestner

Graduate businessman & transfer pricing expert

“As a transfer pricing expert, I offer regular, onsite internal services on any transfer pricing issue. You get flexible expert service without having to recruit a full resource. Owing to my regular interactions within your enterprise, I gain an understanding of these internal structures, and additionally, in times of increased workload can wholeheartedly support you.”

Strategic Significance

With markets responding more and more dynamically, acquisitions, the international division of labour and very aggressively operating tax administrations in many countries, internationally active enterprise groups must adapt themselves in most branches of the world economy ever faster to exist in the markets.

At the same time, the area of Transfer Pricing has increasingly become a tax field of strategic significance, in fact, for the entire business development.

Increased Requirements

The various time intensive enquiries addressed to internal finance and tax divisions, with reference to transfer prices, are constantly increasing. Therefore the need for a practical, proven specialised knowledge also increases. Then the question arises: Settle it internally or turn to external advisors when no TP resources are available or these are fully occupied.

The question remains: Who coordinates the external consultants’ activities but also has sufficient knowledge of internal structures, processes, and decision makers?

Efficient Approach

I offer you a new and efficient solution in these times of scarce internal resources and increasing cost-pressures. I am an experienced and competent transfer pricing specialist taking care of your transfer pricing issues on a regular basis. One who is geared to your needs, and thus relieves you of these issues, allowing you to concentrate on other essential tasks.

Regular use of an in-house resource helps recognise risks at an early stage and take these into account when it comes to making business decisions and process alignments.

An internal problem: no problem

Despite strongly rising awareness within internal tax divisions: Tax managers frequently do not have sufficient resources to pay attention to the regular care and adjustment of the transfer pricing model in detail. This is all the more valid for phases with high work load, for example before end-of-year and/or end of the quarter.

As a result, external tax consultancy firms often experience difficulties finding an in-house individual with extensive involvement in transfer pricing (TP) issues who comprehensively communicates such issues internally, so that an efficient conclusion can be reached quickly and at a tolerable risk level.

TP-EXPERTISE offers variable and efficient solutions

I offer internationally active enterprise groups with head office/corporate affiliates in Germany (with special focus on the Rhine Main area), among others, the following services:

Management of TP documentation projects: local as well as international approaches
Co-ordination and handling of national and international TP questions of every nature
Efficient implementation and operational realisation of TP processes, guidelines as well as conversion of models
Special TP projects: Interim project management, such as the coordination with foreign group companies and external TP advisers
Support in TP related tax audits
Internal training/workshops on the subject of transfer pricing

What are the costs?

Fees are calculated based on customary daily or hourly rates and vary depending on the complexity of the task. A reduced fee applies to in-house support that occurs on a regular basis or lasts for an extended period of time.

As a starting phase for our collaboration, a two-day requirement analysis is advised. Based on your present transfer pricing situation your individual requirements are identified and a concept designed to your individual needs. This first analysis is offered at a flat rate.